When is the Right Time to Start Offseason Football Training For Kids?

The offseason is the time to think about training for next football season. Now remember to make sure that you allow your children time to decompress after the season. The one thing that I’ve learned as a coach and a parent is that it is easier to burn a kid out of sports than you think. I’ve watched numerous เว็บเดิมพัน ufabet parents sign their kids up for every sport the kid wants to play. This is a wonderful thing, just remember a child also has to go to school, do their homework, run errands with you. When does your kid get to be a kid?

As I sit her and write this my kids have already finished football which started in the last week of August and ended the second week of November. They have gone 4 days a week (3 practice and 1 game) for 4 months. This is also time they start a new school year. That is a lot of planned activity that they want or have to do.

The reason I mentioned this is that you need to remember don’t start your offseason training the day the season ends. Football is a tough sport and you need time to get your focus back. Mine turn right around and begin wrestling the first week of December. That is a grand total of 2 weeks off.

I recommend that your kids play other sports (I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking). Playing other sports builds different muscles that football neglects. Works other skills required that will improve your football game. All this said, why not work some specific drills that will improve your game quickly so that your kid can continue being a kid? Just remember make sure it is fun. He is doing this while playing another sport, so it can’t feel like another practice. It has to feel like a game if you want him to do it on his own.