New Orleans Saints – It’s Their Turn For a Title

New Orleans, Louisiana is the home of the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are franchised members of the NFL and one of the greatest teams in the Southern Division. The Saints are one of the older teams around, as they have been playing football since 1967 when they were first franchised as an expansion team of the NFL. After many great years of football, Saints fans expect nothing less of them in the upcoming 2009 season.

The NFL / AFL merger was awaiting government approval and the NFL was getting a bit anxious. NFL officials made an announcement, in 1966, that New Orleans would be the first to get an NFL franchise – upon approval of the merger of course. Louisiana governor – Hale Boggs – immediately pushed his weight around congress for the NFL/AFL merger approval.

The New Orleans Saints had a rough start; in their first 10 years on the field, they never saw a .500 record; neither did they see one the following 10 years. 20 years without even a glimpse at the playoffs, and then in 1987 the team made a name for themselves. The next five seasons consisted of four of them ending in the playoffs. In 2000, they even been the St Louis Rams, a team who had just played in the Super Bowl the preceding year. 20-some years later and the Saints were now good enough to compete with the other divisional teams.

Football fans are all familiar with the Superdome as the home of the New Orleans Saints; however, its popularity spread as it withstood Katrina and housed thousands residents in the following วิธีสมัคร ufabet days. The Superdome, stranding strong enough to protect, did suffer severe damages that could not be repaired until each resident had a safe place to go.

The Saints gave up their home, during the 2005 season, for these repairs to be complete. One short year later, the team opened their 2006 season in the Superdome. After $200-million worth of repairs, and newly dedicated fans, this was a sell-out game, with only standing room available.

The Saints have dedicated fans that stand by them at every game, regardless of the fact that they have never made it to the Super Bowl (one of only five NFL teams that have not accomplished this feat). The Saints did have; however, the chance to play the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game in 2007. Granted, they did not bring home the title, they played one heck of a game.

Over 200,000 individuals were wiped out from Katrina, but the Superdome stadium is still full at every home game. In